In my compositions I often find myself returning to those musical qualities which initially inspired me as a young musician concerned more than anything with the sheer thrill, physicality, and emotional freedom that accompanies performing on stage. This trend is most evident in my Trio, which in retrospect I consider the manifestation of many of my earliest musical experiences and inspirations.

Dominated by a syncopated and motor-like ostinato, the first movement draws directly from my experience performing with a jazz-rock band in 1990s, yet it is counterbalanced by a lyrical, dramatic, almost Romantic theme pointing perhaps to my early aspirations of becoming a professional concert pianist. The second movement, marked by musical irony and thoughtfully placed clichés, is probably the best reflection of my favorite performance experiences. And the final movement, an aggressive onslaught of jagged rhythms and relentless energy, is the perfect vehicle for the vigor of performance I relished so much.

Instrumentation: violin, cello, and piano

Duration: ca. 15 minutes

Year composed: 2007




Jessica Tong, violin

Alicia Ward, cello

Charles Halka, piano