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Impact is an eight-minute work for large orchestra that explores an aural gesture best described as a heavy thud.  This gesture, which opens the work in its clearest form, is a steep drop from the upper register of the orchestra to its depths.  Each time the gesture plummets to the bottom, the impact of this arrival generates various “resonances” – shards of harmonic or melodic material that proceed to develop on their own, contributing to subsequent thuds and eventually blooming into more lyrical sections of music.  Along the way, the thudding gesture is dissected, reversed, and fragmented before finally regaining its original form and prominence near the end.  One giant, swirling thud brings the work to a rumbling close.

Instrumentation: 3-3-3-3; 4-3-3-1; timpani, 3 percussion, harp, piano, strings

Duration: ca. 8 minutes

Year composed: 2013

Cabrillo Festival Orchestra (Live)

Marin Alsop, conductor